About Us

In 2009, a group of medical professionals and concerned community members in Battle Creek, Michigan realized that medical kits used by hospitals and doctors offices were not being fully utilized. Once a kit had been opened, any of the unused portions, although still sterile and packed in their individual packages, could no longer be used by those facilities in the United States.

Rather than continue to throw those unused supplies away, this group decided to start collecting the usuable portions of any medical kit. In addition, gurneys, wheelchairs, crutches, and any other item that could be "recycled" have been collected with the intention to distribute these items to individuals within the community, missionaries in other countries, and other groups or individuals who may be able to use these items.

Board Members for Surplus Health Supplies For Missions (SHSM) include: Ralph Cates chair; Diane Cates - secretary; Helen Kidder - treasurer; Nancy Eggleston, David Kidder,  Ellyn Mingus, Ken & Brenda Moody, Pete & Sue VandeWeide, Gregg & LaVon Bale, Georgia Forbes.